Senior nursing student and nursing subject tutor Dylan White

Regis University’s The Learning Commons offers writing and subject tutoring services available to students, faculty, staff and alumni in person or online. The Writing Center offers help ranging from brainstorming through final paper edits. Tutoring Services offers one-on-one and group session help in a variety of subject areas. approached Dylan White, senior nursing major and nursing subject tutor with The Learning Commons to shed some light on the center's offerings and discuss what led him to get involved.

What is your reason for pursuing nursing?

In February 2010, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and for a year I suffered with the disease. I really wanted to help others get through the disease; cope with it and manage it. I heard that Regis had a really great program. I talked with my diabetes educator and she thought I would be an excellent nurse, so I said, "Let's try this out," and here I am! I’m so glad I decided to pursue nursing. In the future I'd like to be a nurse anesthetist after becoming an ICU nurse.

What made you decide to tutor the subject?

To help students get through struggles, pass exams and pass the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination).

Describe TLC as a whole: What’s special about what is offered, what keeps students coming back?

What I like to offer to my students are critical thinking skills, asking repeating questions to summarize what they’ve just been taught. Also, there are more than just nursing students. We have an array of subjects we offer tutoring in, such as Biology, Chemistry and Anatomy, in addition to the Writing Center services. We’re always willing to help.

The overarching message of TLC is Cura Personalis, which we know means “Care for the Whole Person,” and Men and Women for and with Others. How do you interpret this message in the work you do for TLC?

I use this every day in management of myself, taking care of the whole person, Cura Personalis. Every time a student walks in, that is my main goal: Cura Personalis. Whether they need guidance emotionally, mentally or just need help with an assignment, I can always be there for that student.

What can students who go to The Learning Commons expect to gain that students who don’t take advantage of this service might miss out on?

We have great resources. Not only do students get a one-on-one session, if there is something I can’t answer, I can arrange for more resources online and connect students to different teachers.

Where do your interests lie aside from nursing and tutoring?

I’m an avid skier; I grew up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I love skiing in the winters, hiking in the summers, fishing, biking and being outdoors.

What tips would you give to a student who is interested in becoming a tutor with TLC?

Being a tutor is really rewarding. If you like to help people and continue studying and learning, then this is definitely something for you. CharLee and Ameeta, managers of The Learning Commons, are really great to work with— always happy with willing to help their tutors.

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