Geena Kim knew that one day she would be climbing great mountains; she just didn’t know how great they would be, or that they would lead her to Colorado.

With a strong background in data science and physics, as well as an undeniable passion for research and technology, Kim is a welcomed new addition to the Regis University Data Sciences Department. However, it was her drive for social justice – sharing the core values and mission that our University holds true – which ultimately brought her to Regis. sat down with her to discuss her background and goals, as well as what she is most looking forward to in her new position as assistant professor of data science.

Your professional history includes some very strong research and data science experience and a variety of entrepreneurial roles. How do these experiences compliment and help support your new position?

I have always been interested in research, and was able to be a part of some really great entrepreneurial initiatives. The path I took in my career hasn’t been linear, but it has led me to where I am today. I am excited to use my experiences to show Regis students there that is no “right” way to accomplish their goals and that they can make a positive difference through the work they do.

How did you end up at Regis?

While attending a tech conference in Denver earlier this year, I had the pleasure of talking with Doug Hart, data science professor and program chair, about Regis and its data science program. I was intrigued by the strong academic presence this University had, but more so about how the mission and values so strongly aligned with my own. I knew that I had to be a part of that.

What are you most looking forward to about being at Regis?

There is this synergy, this incredible sense of collaboration and trust between my colleagues and the colleges here at Regis that also deeply resonates with me. You can tell everyone really cares about the students, and one another.

Share one interesting thing about you the Regis community may not know.

I am always up for trying new things at least once. I learned how to surf while living in California, and have taken up snowboarding and whitewater kayaking since being in Colorado.

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