Jennifer Zettel uses her MBA to improve health care quality for Pfizer’s biggest clients

Jennifer Zettel is committed to finding solutions in health care. As a customer alliance director for Pfizer, she meets with medical directors and quality improvement specialists to collaborate on strategic quality projects.

“Our health care system is broken,” said Zettel. “I want to be part of improving it. I think there are ways we can still pay doctors and improve quality for all people, while also keeping costs down.”

With experience in sales and management, and an undergraduate degree in finance, Zettel specifically sought a master’s in business administration with a focus on health care. Regis’ health care industry leadership Jennifer Zettelspecialization propelled her to further define her career goals.

Committed professors, thought-provoking course work and applicable group projects all helped Zettel better understand her interests and her profession. She brought concepts from class into the workplace and teamwork strategies from work into the classroom.

“You don’t need to know it all. It’s not realistic in the workplace,” she said. “I will never know it all about different specializations within health care. And that’s okay. Find someone smarter than you who does, partner with them, and you’ll get a greater result.”

Four years ago Zettel was one of 30 to pilot her current position for Pfizer. She now manages all of their key accounts in Colorado and New Mexico. Zettel graduated from Regis in December of 2012.

“Regis is different. They are going to educate you as a whole person,” said Zettel. “Not every program does that. You’re going to get skills for career advancement. You’re going to get outstanding classes. But, more importantly, you are going to get real-life experience that is applicable to your future and what you want to do to be successful.”

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