There are a lot of questions that go into making the decision of whether an MBA is right for you. Time, cost and value all need to be taken into account. Although an MBA isn’t for everyone, there are many elements that make it worthwhile. At Regis, we fit into your schedule, provide a top-notch program and render wonderful value. 

Your MBA. Your time. 
At Regis, you can make your studies fit into your schedule. We offer evening courses on campus or 100 percent online programs. Our eight-week accelerated format allows you to start your degree, while having a full-time job. There are numerous specializations and courses that we offer to help you find exactly what you want. The bottom line is Regis can fit a MBA into your busy life. 

Crash course in business 
Want to change industries? Unsure what to do with your undergraduate degree? A Regis MBA gives you a great overview of business practices and sets you up for success. It can help you change jobs, find a new career or simply help you advance where you are. 

Make more money 
Whether it’s taking a leadership position at your current company, finding a new industry or starting your own business, having your MBA can lead to more money. In 2017, those with a MBA saw their salaries increase by 12 percent. 

Start your own business 
Getting a Regis MBA is a great step toward starting your own business. Through our classes, you’ll meet professors who have started businesses, you’ll meet other students who can inspire you and you’ll have a business plan by graduation. Everyone has an idea for a business. Make yours stand out with structure and a plan. 

Find out how a Regis MBA can change your life.