Returning to school? Regis has the tools to help you excel

It’s no secret that those returning to school as adults, either to gain new insight into their existing profession or transition into a new one, have different needs than the traditional, just-out-of-high school college freshman. 

That’s why Regis aims to give adult learners the keys to their success. From accepting as much transfer credit and professional placement exams as possible to personalized advising, Regis is an ideal fit for the adult student, said Max Sotak, interim dean of the College of Contemporary Liberal Studies.

“Most of our faculty, staff and advisors completed their education as adults,” he said. “They know the issues and difficulties of completing an academic program while shouldering the responsibilities of a family and full-time employment.”

It's that balancing act that Regis keeps in mind while crafting curriculum, developing advising strategies and more, Sotak said.

“We have delivery formats that are designed with the schedules of adults in mind,” he said. “Our accelerated model enables students to take one or two classes at a time while making progress through an academic program for timely completion.”

A personalized credit transfer system and method of advising also help keep adult students on track to finish their degree as efficiently as possible – an important factor when juggling work, school, family and other responsibilities. 

“We seek to transfer as much credit as possible,” he said. “And we provide an individual advisor that stays with the student throughout his or her program, something many institutions do not do.”

Get that promotion; a Regis degree can help.