Alumna Madelon Morin serves at-risk youth in the Dominican Republic

One experience can change the course of your life. For Madelon Morin that experience was a service immersion trip to the Dominican Republic organized by the Center for Service Learning.

This was sophomore year and Madelon was trying to figure out what she wanted to do with her life. As a work-study student in the Center for Service Learning, she kept hearing about this unique experience in the DR. But she was hesitant. She didn’t know anyone who was going and didn’t speak much Spanish. Eventually, she decided to take a chance.

“It was all new and it pushed me out of my comfort zone. But there is just something about Jesuit education that you can trust, the feeling that everything will be okay. There is something that grabs your attention, takes over your heart and creates this passion to serve, to help others and learn their stories.”

Madelon’s experience abroad gave her a new perspective and a growing sense of direction. She would return to the DR each summer during college, teaching special education and photography at an orphanage, while also practicing Spanish. These experiences transformed her time at Regis as well. She took a major in international business, got more involved on campus and became even more dedicated to service.  

After graduating in 2012, Madelon decided to volunteer at the orphanage for a full year. And recently, at the end of her year, she found a full-time job in the country with a USAID-funded initiative. Fittingly, she is now the communications and community specialist for a project that serves at-risk youth.  

“It's a challenge,” she said of her job, “but that's what makes it worth it. Nothing comes easy and working for something greater than you is really special. It's all for the kids, the kids that deserve a chance, a chance that no one has ever given them.”

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