Regis College grad Hannah Breece’s experience at Regis was about much more than a degree

Name: Hannah Breece

Graduation date: May 2014

Degree: B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis in marketing, B.A. in Visual Arts with emphases in drawing and painting, B.A. in Philosophy

How did you decide on Regis and your very specialized major?
Something about Regis just felt right. Everyone was friendly and happy, and students and staff alike seemed to be driven by a deep sense of purpose and service. I always knew I wanted to major in business and art. Philosophy was a surprise addition. I took Honors Philosophical Explorations my freshman year, then spent a few semesters with almost strictly business and art classes, and realized how much I missed thinking and writing philosophically. I really need that extra search for meaning, and I have come to love it more since then.

Who or what has inspired you during your time at Regis?
I have been nourished mentally and spiritually by the emphasis of cura personalis, or care for the whole person, in every class and organization. I have been given remarkable opportunities to be creative and pursue everything that has intrigued me. Near the top of my list of inspirations is Bernie Langfield, a longtime receptionist in University Advancement. In her 90s and still working, I truly admire her energy, spunk and ability to always be positive.

What are your post-graduation plans?
I will start the GRE-taking and application process for graduate school. Twenty years from now I hope to be teaching philosophy at a university, doing a little art on the side, and spending time with and raising a family. My Regis education taught me how to take my curiosity and seek more, to always set my goals higher, to serve others to the best of my ability, and to take time to appreciate and truly care for the human element in all relationships.

What has been your most memorable Regis experience?
The University's amazing response when my family and I lost everything, including our dog and home community, to a sudden wildfire the fall of my junior year. The outpouring of love and support from the entire university community as I struggled to manage not only my rigorous academic life but also the emotional and physical aftermath of the fire really proved to me that I was more than just a number.