Regis tutor shares top 5 study tips for students

Staying on top of your school workload can be a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be. sat down with Madison Pinsinski, a student tutor in The Learning Commons, to get the top five study tips students should follow to have a rewarding semester: 

1. Plan Ahead
Use the class syllabus to map out your semester and write down the due dates in a planner. It’s important to know what’s coming so you’re prepared for your assignments. 

Pinsinski says adult learners who have kids and possibly a full-time job should plan ahead to account for what’s going on outside of their school work. 

“Sometimes there’s a misconception that going back to school will be easy, but it tends to be more difficult than originally anticipated,” she said. 

2. Stay Organized
Keep your books, notebooks and class materials in one place. Know where to locate things when you need them. 

3. Utilize Your Resources
Get familiar with what campus has to offer. The library has writing, citing and research tools, and your professors are always willing to help during their office hours.

The Learning Commons also has valuable resources for students. For online learners and graduate students, they offer online hours and graduate tutoring. 

4. Understand the Material
Be sure to take the time to learn the material outside of class. If you’re not catching onto a concept or idea, ask questions and find supplemental sources to help you see another perspective. 

5. Know Which Learning Style Works for You
While you’re taking the time to understand the class material, take note of how you’re retaining the information. Does reading and highlighting key points work best for you? Or does drawing a diagram of the information help you learn better? 

“Once you find your learning style, stick to this method,” Pinsinski said. 

Find out more about the resources The Learning Commons offers students to help them succeed.