Regis University student Lindsey Wilderman interns at Vail Resorts

Accounting apprenticeship with Vail Resorts opens the door for Regis students 

When presented with the opportunity, Lindsey Wilderman knew immediately what she wanted to do.

The Regis University junior accounting major realized how hard it was to get an accounting internship and experience while in school.

But thanks to a new partnership with Vail Resorts, Wilderman and other Regis students are completing apprenticeships in the accounting department at the skiing behemoth.

“It can be really hard to find an accounting internship when you’re in school,” Lindsey Wilderman said. “Usually you have to wait until the summer after your senior year.”

The partnership brings together Regis students and Vail for a multi-year accounting apprenticeship. It began midway through 2017 when Vail Resorts Chief Accounting Officer Ryan Siurek approached Regis with an idea.

He wanted the best accounting students from Regis. Students who took Principles of Accounting 1 and 2, were eligible. This meant that students that were sophomores would be eligible. From there, Vail interviewed and took the top students.

“I think because it’s such a pilot program, no one knew what to expect,” said Gina Wilderman, the College of Business and Economics program coordinator and Lindsey’s mom. “I know Vail has been happy and our students have been happy with the flexible hours, and happy to be exposed to real life work.”

Students generally work 15 hours during the school year — and can work full time during holiday breaks — in various departments from travel accounting to accounts payable and auditing. Gina Wilderman said the program has been a success and they are planning on continuing the partnership with Vail.

She said the College of Business and Economics would also like to develop the program to other areas within the college and University. It will hopefully allow Regis to develop relationships and partnerships with businesses across the Front Range that are exceedingly beneficial to students.

“It fits with the Regis philosophy of stewardship,” Gina Wilderman said. “We need to replicate it because students are learning so much from it. We’re hoping this can help us provide a template for other businesses as we move forward.”

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