Sergeant Vandenberg balanced raising a family, working full time and getting his degree

Scott Vandenberg is a recent graduate from Regis' Master of Science in Organizational Leadership program. He is also a sergeant with the Lone Tree Police Department. And he is a dad.

A father of two, ages 10 and 14, Sgt. Vandenberg relied on time management to balance school, working full time and raising his children. He did most of the reading after his children were asleep, and he worked on assignments between work and class.

“I wanted to have that degree on the wall so when my kids get to the age where they are deciding to go to school or not, it can be an example,” he said. “They can’t use the excuse that I didn’t go to college. Yes I did. And raised you at the same time.”Scott Vandenberg

Sgt. Scott Vandenberg celebrated 15 years as a police officer this past January. He worked for the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office before helping establish the Lone Tree Police Department in 2004.

“I enjoy the camaraderie and the service aspect,” said Sgt. Vandenberg. “It’s not a desk job. Every day is different and it’s exciting.”

Sgt. Vandenberg’s time in the classroom and in online classes provided him with tools to use in the workplace. He noticed it in small increments throughout the program when he was tasked to work on research or complete a project at work.

“The leadership program works in any organization or any industry,” he said. “You gain a broader perspective of how the world functions and how to apply that to your work environment.” 

Every person in Sgt. Vandenberg’s classes came from a different background, he said, and they all wanted to be there to contribute to the conversation.

“If you are truly there to expand your thinking process, to learn how to think critically and to evaluate things from an overall perspective, then I think Regis is definitely the place for you.”

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