Margaret Farr is living her dream as a zookeeper at the Denver Zoo

For Margaret Farr, every day is a zoo. Farr, who graduated from Regis College with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology in 2010, is doing what she loves as a zookeeper at the Denver Zoo’s newest exhibit, Toyota Elephant Passage.

“Working with animals has been a dream of mine ever since I was young,” Margaret said. “Regis’ academic curriculum and, even more so, the values it instills have forever changed the way I view life and who I want to be as a person.”

Margaret started her zoo career as a volunteer and intern at the Denver Zoo while a student at Regis.  She was able to take the knowledge and skills gained in class and apply them to animal husbandry, behavior and conservation at the zoo.

Regis instilled in Margaret the importance of serving others and today she feels she is not only serving the animals she works with by providing them with the best care possible, but also the people she meets every day. 

“I love sharing my knowledge with the public, helping them to connect with wildlife and seeing them take a real interest in animal conservation,” said Margaret.

Margaret currently works with a variety of endangered Asian tropical species including clouded leopards, northern white-cheeked gibbons, Asian small-clawed otters and fishing cats. She credits where she is today to the professors and community at Regis University, who challenged her as a student and a person. Margaret is living her dream each day and practicing the values instilled in her at Regis.

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