Keeping a food business – a bakery in particular – open and thriving for decades is no easy task. And yet, Rheinlander Bakery has been doing just that in Olde Town Arvada for more than 50 years.

Led in part by two Regis University business graduates, the space not only thrives, but gives back to its community in numerous ways, something owner Ed Dimmer, RU' 85, attributes to his Regis education. The Jesuit values embedded in the curriculum, he said, transcend religion and politics.

“One thing I can say for about Regis is if you’re going to go, the school will have an impact on your life,” he said. “You’re going to have a Jesuit upbringing.”

Dimmer said his education at Regis helped him realize the importance of not just having good business sense, but of also being a contributing member of the greater community. That’s why the bakery holds several fundraisers each year, for both local and national causes.

“We have a cohesive relationship with the community,” he said. “It makes good business sense as well as good community stewardship. The wonderful thing is that the community is so supportive.”

Hannah Jackson, RU' 13 works as general manager at the bakery and agreed with Dimmer’s assessment of a Regis education.

“Attending Regis University gave me the opportunity to flourish in my career. I chose Regis based on its focus on real-life practice and the values we share,” she said. “I gained knowledge that fueled my contributions to our business.”

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