Active-duty military officers serve and study while abroad

Working full time while taking university classes is no easy feat. Now, imagine studying for your degree and serving overseas as part of the military. That’s the case for numerous Regis University students who are deployed in conflict-ridden areas, serving and taking Regis classes remotely.

For Lt. Col. Ian Bennett, a 20-year Army veteran on a 9-month deployment to Afghanistan, serving is hard enough, let alone while working on his MBA. But, he said, program flexibility has enabled him to excel in both responsibilities.

“I have found my skills as an Army officer match well with the classes within my specialty – an MBA with a focus on strategic management,” he said. “The program allows me a great deal of latitude in regards to meshing school with life.”

Bennett said he’s confident his military experience and Regis education will give him a firm launching pad to his future.

Meanwhile, Chief Warrant Officer Josh Levine, studying for a joint bachelor’s/master’s degree in information assurance, has plans to go on to a doctorate in cybersecurity and make the most of his degrees and Army experience.

“Being able to share knowledge and influence others in a positive way is at the heart of my drive for all endeavors I pursue,” he said.

Levine is serving in Qatar, his sixth deployment during his military career. He said he’s already using what he is learning at Regis in his job as a technician.

“Choosing Regis University was by far the single best decision I have made for myself, personally and professionally,” he said.

Despite the immense challenges of studying and serving simultaneously, both Levine and Bennett said they feel proud of the choices they’ve made.

“I have the privilege of leading the sons and daughters of our country, America’s treasure,” Bennett said.

Levine agreed: “The military gives me a job satisfaction I simply cannot describe. Shaping young soldiers into technicians and leaders ready to defend our nation instills a sense of pride that cannot be placed into words.”

Make an impact – while still working – with a Regis degree.