Student athlete Caitlin O’Brien is exercising a life of sustainability

Cait O’Brien was recruited by Regis for her skills as a runner, and while she may have garnered Regional All-American honors, her success wasn't limited to the cross-country course.

“Regis opened my eyes to a life of sustainability,” the recent Regis College graduate said. “I was constantly challenged to look at the bigger impact I was making in the world and how I could do better each day.”

Cait O’Brien The double major in sociology and peace and justice studies graduated earlier this May and took with her the pride of knowing she made her mark. 

Through her independent studies, Cait developed the curriculum for a course titled Community Organizing, through which she saw the opportunity to introduce composting in Regis’ cafeteria.

Working with Bon Appetit, Regis’ food service provider, Cait determined that the campus was producing three tons of food waste every week. So she collaborated with the Regis community and local companies to change the processing of food waste on campus. Today, Regis is implementing composting in its dining areas and turning its compost into high-grade fertilizer with the help of Waste Farmers, a local sustainable agricultural company.

“Regis opened the doors of opportunity for me and I wouldn’t have been able to make such an impact on campus and my fellow students without the guidance of my professors and the values I learned day in and day out,” she said. “Regis has enabled me to pursue a life of purpose.”

See the world through new eyes in Regis’ sociology and peace and justice programs.