With a groan and a thumb-swipe to quiet your squawking alarm — it begins. Every Monday through Friday you’re waking and dressing the kids for school, brewing a life-giving cup of coffee, and finding that extra 30 seconds for yourself to make sure your shoes match before heading out the door. 

Being an “adult” means we do it all — make a living while raising humans, while running marathons, while disappointing our mothers-in-law. We live for the Friday afternoon exhales and dread the Monday morning inhales. We work for the paycheck. Because that’s what we’re supposed to do. 


But what if it is possible to fall in love with your job? Understandably, this can be a hard notion to accept and a daunting transition to consider, given, at this point in your life, you may no longer be your first priority. Making a professional leap in your life, whether it be changing paths or moving up in your current field, requires going back to school. And you’re not sure where to start. 

Regis can help busy, working professionals, like you, return to and graduate college successfully. You’ll get a team ready and willing to guide you through the steps in starting school — an admissions counselor, student services representative, academic advisor and financial aid advisor are all here to help answer questions. And when you call us, you’ll get a person, not a machine.

You’ll meet like-minded students on similar paths, allowing you a larger support system and the advantage of scholarship and orientation opportunities.


When you feel the urge to silence that desire pushing you toward something greater — we challenge you to listen. It’s there to help you find your true purpose.

And we can’t wait to see what you do.

Spring registration starts soon! To get started, let’s have a talk. Email an admissions counselor now.