Stefan Scheuermann took a nontraditional path to Regis; now he is turning his love for literature into his next career

Ballet dancers don’t usually become cops. And cops rarely become literature students. Stefan Scheuermann has done both.

Stefan fell in love with dance as a teenager. He performed ballet in major cities across the United States. Eventually, he settled down in Colorado, where he directed a ballet company. When his wife was laid off, he needed to find a job that would make ends meet. He became a deputy sheriff, and unexpectedly, it changed the direction of his life; only not in the way you might think.

CPS student Stefan Scheuermann During the graveyard shift, Stefan rediscovered classic literature. While the rest of the world slept, he passed the slow hours by reading Bronte, Austen and Dickens, among others. He found himself falling in love. 

“In many ways these classics are even more relevant today than when they were written,” Stefan said. “They reflect the universal human experience and reveal truth in a way that even history cannot.”

Shortly thereafter, Stefan rediscovered Regis, too. His parents had been students here in the early ‘80s and had always spoken highly of it. It turns out that Regis offered exactly what he wanted – a flexible schedule, reputable faculty and a Master of Arts with an emphasis in literature. 

These days, as his graduation approaches, Stefan is working hard to finish his thesis, which he envisions as a 300-page publishable book. His ultimate goal is to become a professor who helps bring the classics to life for his students. He credits Regis for nurturing his passion and for helping him take the next step in an unorthodox career path. 

“You will not find this experience anywhere else,” he said. “Everyone I have met at Regis has changed me in some way. And this new me is better than the original.”

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