Students, public examine the personal side of war with those
who lived it

Katie Larson is no war veteran, but she’s seen how war changes a person and has come away changed herself.

The Regis College sophomore spends each Thursday night deepening her perspective of the world thanks to Stories from Wartime, a popular history course and free public speaker series held on Regis’ North Denver (Lowell) Campus. Each week, veterans from conflicts spanning World War II to Afghanistan and Iraq recount their memories of war and open up about how those experiences changed their lives.

Their testimony is personal and riveting and the added component of public participation offers insights into the war experience that no textbook could, Katie said.

“It makes me question ‘What would I have done in their situation?’” she said. “And that’s always the most difficult question to answer because you actually will never know.”

Stories from Wartime, in its 19th year, is the signature program of Regis’ Center for the Study of War Experience, a nationally recognized repository of personal war narratives and testimonies. The center’s extensive archival collection includes videotaped and written testimonies and a broad range of items detailing the wartime lives of more than 150 American veterans.

Click below to hear the story of one veteran, Regis College alumnus Mike Quering, and how he hopes it can help students like Katie.

Experience one of the moving presentations for yourself. See the full schedule here.