Regis University graduates leave with far more than a diploma. Earning a degree or pursuing one of our many certificate options widens your career opportunities and empowers you as an agent of change. But there’s more. As an alumnus and automatic member of the Regis University Alumni Association (by the way, it’s free), you benefit greatly. Read on for five perks available to all our alumni. 

The Cool Club
Graduating from Regis University with an undergraduate or graduate degree, or a postgraduate certificate, puts you in what we like to call The Cool Club. You join the ranks of nearly 70,000 distinguished and even famous alumni, not to mention 2.1 million alumni of the nation’s Jesuit colleges and universities, who are poised to help connect you to that next job opportunity or to share their wealth of knowledge. Want to familiarize yourself with some of the success stories? Check out Regis University Alumni Magazine.

Cultured Campus
We take pride in Regis’ liberal arts emphasis, so it’s no surprise that we keep that alive and thriving for our alumni audience. We always welcome you back to campus, whether to catch a Regis Ramblers performance, check out stunning art exhibits in the O'Sullivan Art Gallery, take in an Inspired Performances concert, or attend our annual Nobel laureate speaker series (amongst so many more). 

Lifelong Values
The Regis mission of men and women in service of others is instilled in our alumni’s hearts forever. Because of that, we offer opportunities to serve on campus and around the country, explore the Jesuit mission with our free Jesuit Open Online Course and live out the Ignatian values. Graduating with a humanitarian perspective makes Regis alumni special, and we don’t want to forget it. 

Athletics Extravaganzas
Besides always having a place in the stands at Regis Athletics events, alumni have the distinct opportunity to participate in the various events held each year benefitting the teams. Silent auctions, golf tournaments, barbecues and block parties — you name it, we got it. Come show your Rangers pride!

Serious Fun
Ever heard of Alumni Weekend? It’s our biggest event of the year for all Regis alumni, family and friends, (and it’s right around the corner). Don’t forget about our Regis Connections Happy Hour (think: professional baseball, basketball and hockey games, brewery tours and good old fashioned happy hour deals), Denver Leaders Network professional networking events or the Jesuit college social events across the country with schools like Fordham, Georgetown, Gonzaga and more. 

Learn more about the perks of membership, including the upcoming Alumni Weekend 2016.