Jeff Hassebrock’s education leads him to a top-rated medical program, future serving others

Jeff Hassebrock had a medical career in his sights even before high school. So when the time came to choose a college, he had done enough exploring to know he needed two things: a strong foundation to propel him into a top-tier medical program, and a well-rounded experience to maximize his ability to someday serve others as an effective physician.

The search led him to Regis.

This month Jeff took another step on the path to his dream. With the completion of his studies in biology and graduation behind him, he moves on to one of the best medical schools in the country – the University of Washington. He takes with him a wealth of experiences collected over the last four years ranging from course work in molecular and genetic biology to history and the fine arts. He also conducted genetic research alongside a faculty member and traveled to earthquake-ravaged Haiti to assist with medical care.

Jeff HassebrockJeff is confident his Jesuit education – one focused on developing his whole person – has offered a distinct advantage.

 “It has made me better able to communicate and understand other people and that’s really what makes an effective physician,” he said.

It’s a phenomenal feeling, Jeff said, to know his Regis education helped him accomplish what he set out to do and he’s grateful to the professors, advisors and others who challenged and cheered him every step of the way.

 “So many people at Regis believe in you so much more than you believe in yourself at times, it’s like journeying through it together.”

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