Brigid Swanson Jones earns MBA and rare feat: a degree from each of the University’s colleges

Name: Brigid Swanson Jones

Graduation date: May 2014

Current degree: MBA Health Industry Leadership from the College for Professional Studies

Past degrees: Bachelor of Arts in Medicine in Society (1991) from Regis College and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing accelerated degree (1994) from the Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions

What initially brought you to Regis?
I was at a college fair and Regis really piqued my interest. I knew I wanted a small school and I liked the Jesuit philosophy, particularly the Jesuits’ willingness to question, because I’ve always been a questioner and a researcher at heart.

What were your initial career ambitions and how did they evolve?
Since I was a kid, I wanted to become a neonatologist (a doctor specializing in the care of infants). While I was earning my first degree, Regis acquired the Loretto Heights nursing program and it got me thinking that it was possibly a way to achieve my goal of working with the tiniest, sickest babies. Then, while working as an EMT, I happened to see a critically ill baby receive treatment and realized the nurses, not the doctor, were the ones working closest with the baby at the bedside. That’s what I wanted to do.

What led you to a career change and deciding to further your education?
For 20 years, I built my nursing career and achieved my goal of working in the NICU. Then a few years ago, I stepped back and realized I was frustrated I wasn’t a doctor. The more I reflected on it, I realized what I was really chasing were decision-making abilities. I decided to pursue a degree that would position me to combine my experience with new skills to effectively address productivity as well as to be on the cutting edge of health care reforms.

What’s next?
I’ve already landed a job as a clinical operations consultant. I love what I’m doing and see myself continuing to learn and grow my influence on the business side of health care.

How would you characterize your Regis experience?
I think my whole Regis experience has really been focused on developing critical thinking skills and getting that holistic view and the many different ways to make an impact. I’m a visionary, so I like to see things though. I believe in creating the pathway and finding the avenues to get there – that you can make it happen. And that’s why I love Regis because that’s what it teaches as well.