David says his Regis education has enhanced his teaching and leadership skills

Name: David A. DeRose

Graduation Year: 2015

Degree: Master’s in Educational Leadership (principal licensure)

Why did you choose Regis? 
I chose Regis due to its reputation of shaping effective leaders. Also, with one class for five weeks – allowing me to accomplish my master’s faster than any other program – I was able to progress in my career at a pace much more conducive to my needs. 

How would you describe the Regis’ principal licensure program to someone who is learning about it for the first time?
All of the courses and course work are applicable to the work you will do as a school leader. The case study model, alongside the Emergenetics Profile, allow you to ascertain who you are as a leader. It is an amazing revelation when you realize your own vision as a leader. 

How will you use your Regis education to make an impact?
The knowledge I now have about myself as a leader, both in philosophy and skill set, has equipped me to tackle the issues I am passionate about. I plan on supporting teachers using a growth mindset and building a positive school culture, in hopes of closing the achievement gap. I know this will be my life’s work and I look forward to it because I feel Regis has readied me for the task. 

Who is your favorite professor/instructor and why?
They have all been outstanding. If I had to choose one, I would select Jermall Wright. His ability to make connections and challenge my thinking made a tremendous impact on me. He provided great resources for further study. 

What has been your most memorable learning experience?
There are so many to choose from but I would have to say the Emergenetics Profile, the training around it and how it is integrated into every course. It allowed me to really understand how I communicate most comfortably and ways to communicate more effectively with people who do so differently than me. I immediately brought my training into my classroom by redesigning choice boards and building rubrics to differentiate for my students. I also used my understanding of Emergeinetics in staff development trainings that I presented, making sure to provide information in ways that address the needs of the entire staff. I truly feel this training has enhanced my teaching and prepared me to be a future school leader. 

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