Jeannette Bouchard’s dream is a career in pharmacy and she chose Regis to lead her to it

When Jeannette Bouchard chose Regis, she had a clear goal: Pursue a career in pharmacy. For Bouchard, that meant completing some undergraduate work to meet her prerequisites before transitioning into Regis’ Doctor of Pharmacy program. She recently shared some thoughts about her decisions and experiences.

Hometown: Wales, Massachusetts

Expected Graduation Year: 2017

Why did you initially choose Regis for undergrad?
I came to Regis as a sophomore looking toward a future in the pharmacy school at Regis. Massachusetts doesn't have a state pharmacy school so I decided I wanted to go somewhere I had never been.

Why did you choose Regis' School of Pharmacy?
I wanted to go to a smaller school where the professors would know my name and take the time to help me accomplish all of my goals. Through my undergrad experience, I knew I would be able to get that if I stayed here at Regis.

What has been your most memorable learning experience?
One awesome learning experience involved a classroom simulation of a stroke patient. We – including our professors – each had a separate role in the scenario and each team had to ask questions to figure out what was wrong and determine appropriate treatment.

What is your favorite aspect of the Doctor of Pharmacy program?
I love the service component. Service is and has always been a huge part of my life. Regis opened me up to different aspects of serving others and what I could personally get out of each service project I participated in. Currently, my class is helping out at senior living centers. This experience allows us to get to know one of the largest populations we will be serving in our future careers.

Who has been your most influential mentor during your time at Regis?
One of the most influential would have to be my advisor, Dr. Hanselin. She is very open and always willing to answer any questions I have whether they are about my life or my schooling.

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