Jon says flexible learning options helped him pursue a future in IT management

Name: Jon Williams

Graduation Year: December 2013

Degree sought: Master of Science in Information Technology Management (online program)

Hometown: Grand Junction, Colo.

Why did you choose Regis?
My supervisor actually started her undergraduate degree at Regis and always spoke very highly of it. The program itself really fit what I was looking for. It wasn’t overly focused on technology or business, but a good mix of both that worked with my background in the field.

How does this program complement your life and work schedule?
I didn’t have the time to take traditional classes to complete my master's degree and the program’s flexibility really appealed to me.

What is the best aspect of the online program?
The online program really teaches you to be self-motivated. Especially at Regis, there were a lot of tools and resources for students that are helpful. I liked the chat function, though I didn’t need to use it very much.

What has been the highlight of your time at Regis?
The other students have worked in so many other different places that I haven’t and it was cool to see where they’re coming from. You could see why they were posting (in the online forums) different points of view that I hadn’t experienced.

What is something about Regis that people outside the community may not know?
People would be surprised at how engaged and responsive the online professors are.

How would you describe the program to someone who is learning about it for the first time?
It’s not overwhelming. When people start thinking about a master’s degree, especially an online degree, they’re a little scared of the work it takes. The professors really understand that you have a job and a life and the workload is manageable. I would tell people it’s not scary.