LaTonya says Regis has positioned her for a career in counseling and to make an impact

Name: LaTonya Dulaney-Harris

Graduation Year: December 2013

Degree earned: Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy and a certificate in transformative counseling

Hometown: Denver, Colo.

What drew you to Regis? 
I believe in the mission statement of Regis. I wholeheartedly feel that the Jesuit belief of helping those in need is the only way to live and work. It was important to me to find a university that lives and supports the mission of helping others. I feel blessed to be at such a university.

How do you plan to use your Regis education to make an impact?
I want to work with grief and how it impacts families. I have a strong desire to work with parents who have lost their children due to death or parental terminations by the judicial system. I feel that the latter do not receive adequate counseling to work through such a difficult type of loss.

What have you enjoyed most about studying counseling?
I've enjoyed learning how to work with grief. It’s a part of life that all will have to endure and being able to help people work through those private and sacred challenges is a privilege. Some of the learning lessons were tough and forced me to look inside of myself; but nonetheless, I feel as though the challenges prepared me for working in an effective way.

Who is your favorite professor/instructor and why?
All of my professors at Regis have contributed to my growth. Dr. Johanna Gallers was my first professor while working on my undergraduate psychology major. Although she is now deceased, her words and wisdom continue to guide me. She was fearless in her approach to understanding the mind. She had an interest in criminal behavior and was able to describe and teach about abnormal behavior and thoughts in a way that no textbook could. Dr. Jennifer Cates and Dr. Annamarie Fidel-Rice — both associate professors of counseling — have given me the courage to trust myself and my instincts.