Master of Science in Information Technology Management student Justice Saifa-Bonsu began taking a couple of Regis University courses online before visiting campus. What he found inspired him to move from Minneapolis with his family to Denver to attend classes in person. He recently shared some thoughts about his decision and how he balances his studies and his family life.

Hometown: Kumasi, Ghana

Expected Graduation Date: Summer 2016

Why did you choose Regis?

I wanted a strong Catholic higher-learning institution that offered a Christ-based education that believed in social justice. In my search for such an institution, Regis came first. My decision also was influenced when during my visit to Regis’ main campus, I noticed two signs in front of the Dayton Memorial Library. One read: “Meet like-minded people with vastly different opinions,” and the other: “Lose the ability to plead ignorance.” Right then, I knew Regis is where I belonged.

What inspired you to move to Denver to attend Regis in person?

While Regis was fulfilling my educational needs online, I felt that I would have a richer learning experience in the Jesuit tradition if I attended more classes in person.

How does Regis help you balance your family life and schooling?

Balancing family and school can be quite demanding at times; however, at Regis, the short eight-week courses allow me to plan my family life around those class times. In addition, I can take eight weeks off to spend more time with my family and then go back to learning.

What has been your most memorable experience?

My most memorable experience is of my first Regis instructor, Ali Asgari, finishing every week’s class discussion by sharing knowledge from his years of IT experience. It cemented my learning each week, and I thought it was priceless.


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