Tom came to Regis seeking a challenge. He found it and much more.

Name: Tom Stovicek

Graduation Year: December 2013

Degree earned: Double major, Bachelor of Arts in History and Philosophy

Why did you choose Regis?
I transferred here my sophomore year mainly because of the professors. They’re well-known in their fields, well respected, and I wanted to learn from them. I felt like all my predictions were confirmed when I got here. I wanted a challenge and I got it.

What have you enjoyed about your experience at Regis?
I held several jobs during my time here, including tutoring in The Learning Commons in history, English and philosophy. During my last semester, I was a writing consultant in the Writing Center. Tutoring and helping students with their writing was fulfilling for me, and it was especially interesting helping the adult students from the College for Professional Studies. Instead of a learning curve, there was a respect curve; I had to show them that as an undergrad, I knew what I was talking about. Many of them were good writers, so it was enjoyable to work with them on something that was already quite polished.

Ultimately, what do you hope to do with your degree?
Ideally, I’d love to do research in intellectual history. Rather than studying the actual history of a certain time, intellectual history is the study of how ideas and their manifestations cause, and are effected by, change over time. Noam Chomsky and his work is an example of the kind of work I’d like to do.

What would you say to someone considering Regis?
I’d say that they should come here if they want to learn and be challenged. I found it challenging; I didn’t coast through. And that’s what I wanted. That’s how I learn best. I’d also say, go for the professors. They’re wonderful and they don’t treat you like a number; they care if you understand and they notice if you don’t turn in an assignment.