war veterans giving a presentation at the Arvada Center

As the United States – and the world – prepares to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II in 2020, Regis University’s Stories from Wartime will commemorate the milestone by focusing its entire spring semester undergraduate class on that pivotal conflict.

Stories from Wartime is celebrating its own milestone as well: 25 years of gathering and listening to the voices of those impacted by conflict.

Stories from Wartime, part of Regis’ Center for the Study of War Experience, is a popular course -- open to the public -- that brings together panels of experts and veterans who share insight into the impacts and consequences of war. Both the center and Stories for Wartime were founded by Regis Professor of History and Politics Dan Clayton. Clayton directed the center for 15 years and returns this spring to lead the Stories from Wartime series.

 “The purpose of Stories is to grow an understanding of the complexities of war and widen perspectives of what ordinary people do in war, and what war does to them,” said Clayton.

While a special class will be held at the Arvada Center, the others will be Thursdays from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. through April 30 in Room 315 at St. Peter Claver, S.J., Hall on the Northwest Denver Campus. The entire public lecture schedule and location information is available online at Regis.edu/warexperience, and here are some highlights:

January 23: “World War II: A History of its Causes and Consequences,” a public lecture by Dan Clayton, Ph.D.

Jan. 30: “WWII, the ‘Good War?’ A Panel with WWII Veterans

Feb. 13: “Regis Remembers the Forgotten Stories of WWII”

February 20: “The Regis Connection to World War II”

March 12: “Gender, Sexuality and WWII”

March 26: “From Rosie the Riveter to Big Bands: WWII Popular Culture,” a special class held at the Arvada Center, 6901 Wadsworth Blvd., Arvada, 80003

April 2: “’The Liberator’: An Evening with Best-Selling WWII Author Alex Kershaw”

April 9: “The Realities of War: An Evening with WWII Veterans”

April 16: “Complexities of Commemoration: How Should We Remember WWII?” a symposium with renowned scholars