5 truths every student should know about Regis’ Writing Center

Regis University’s Writing Center offers students the support they need to write brilliant papers. But sometimes students are too proud, embarrassed or afraid to share their work. Here are five common reasons students choose not to visit the Writing Center and some straight talk about why they should.    

Myth: I’m a straight-A student. I don’t need help with writing.

Truth: Even the greatest writers in the world can benefit from a second set of eyes. A guy named Hemingway once said, “The first draft of anything is #!@#$.” If Hemingway wasn’t satisfied with his first drafts, should you be?

Myth: I’d like to use the Writing Center, but it’s so far away.

Truth: The Writing Center is located in Clarke Hall 241, a five-minute walk from almost anywhere on Regis’ main campus. And if the walk is too much, you can meet with a writing consultant online. 

Myth: Someone is going to use a red pen and criticize my work. I may cry. 

Truth: There are no red pens in the center. Writing consultants are not there to criticize your work, but to help you grow as a writer. If you succeed, they succeed.

Myth: I’m an online student. No one cares about my writing! 

Truth: The Writing Center cares! You can get help online. The center offers both a real-time chat room or an option to submit a paper and receive feedback by the end of the appointment.

Myth: The tutors are as young or younger than me. How much could it really help?

Truth: The center is very selective when it comes to hiring writing consultants. The consultants are well trained and have a passion for helping with every aspect of the writing process. For many students, a session with a writing consultant is the difference between an average paper and a great one.

Take advantage of the Writing Center. Make an appointment today