The MDP partners, sustains, scales up and links communities globally on the basis of key partnerships near and far. This is how development works! No single university program or development organization succeeds on its own. Smart teams of collaborating organizations and people are requisite. The three prominent partners of the MDP are IEEE Smart Village, the Posner Center for International Development, and the World Affairs Challenge.


The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) funded the global classroom at the Posner Center. From there, 60 Posner development organizations connect to their staff in more than 100 countries. Moreover, IEEE Smart Village supports pioneering programs, including the MDP. This program not only educates on the subject of Development Practice but also reaches off-grid communities with electricity, community education, and entrepreneurship support. IEEE Smart Village Scholarships are available to IEEE members and students whose MDP studies and in-country work support IEEE Smart Village’s commitment to local ownership and knowledge of basic development goods and services such as power generation, clean water, and sanitation. Combining scholarship aid from IEEE Smart Village and Regis University, the MDP is radically affordable for community leaders, development personnel and students new to the field of development.


The Posner Center for International Development is a consortium of sixty global development organizations, whose mission is to build a community of innovators seeking lasting solutions to global poverty. Its vision is to lead collaborative international development. MDP classes broadcast from the IEEE Global Classroom at the Posner Center. Annual proposals to the International Collaboration Fund at Posner encourage its 60 tenants and more than 100 members to imagine, design and implement community-smart projects across their 18 development sectors in 106 countries.

The World Affairs Challenge plants seeds of development knowledge and vocations among middle school and high school students and teachers. The Posner Center is the first-of-its-kind consortium in North America, so it uniquely introduces WAC youth and educators to 21st Century emerging needs and leadership skills.  Moreover, WAC has a three-year theme that aligns with IEEE Smart Village. The 2016-2018 WAC themes are Smart Village – Smart City – Smart Planet. Each level of society needs the others. WAC links at-risk and affluent realities. Might today’s youth mature into humanitarian engineers and health providers and teachers who understand their roles and relations on a resilient planet?