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The political economy degree is grounded in the basic skills of economics, and grows from a belief that the integrated study of economics and political theory has a rich humanistic tradition anchored in fundamental human values.

Please note: as of Fall 2017, the requirements for the Political Economy degree have changed.

Program Requirements

Political Economy Major 39 semester hours 
Lower Division Requirements   15 SH
EC200--Economics for Responsible Citizenship  3 SH
EC 3200/EC 3200C--Principles of Macroeconomics
 3 SH
EC 3300--Principles of Microeconomics 
 3 SH
MT 270/MT 270C Introduction to Statistics  3 SH
POL 231 Introduction to International Relations or

POL 241 Introduction to Comparative Politics and Government

 3 SH
Upper Division Requirements 
Twenty-four upper division semester hours in either Economics or Politics, which must include:
24 semester hours
Macroeconomic Foundations   
EC 4110-- Macroeconomic Theory
 3 SH
EC 4245/POL 445--Comparative Public Policy
 3 SH
Microeconomic Foundations
A minimum of three semester hours from the following:
EC 4100 Microeconomic Theory*  3 SH
EC 4173--Public Finance and Public Policy
 3 SH
General Dimensions 

Six to nine semester hours selected from the following:

EC 4120--Econometrics*
 3 SH
EC 4103--Global Poverty – Can We End It?
 3 SH
EC 4144--Economics of Poverty and Inequality
 3 SH
EC 4177--International Economics
 3 SH
EC 4108/ENVS 408--Consumption, Contentment & Climate Change  3 SH
EC 4218/ENVS 418--Environmental Economics and Law  3 SH
EC 4232/POL 432--International Political Economy
 3 SH
EC 4243--Economic Policy, Justice, and the Common Good   3 SH
PEC 490E-W--Independent Study in Political Economy   3 SH
PEC 498E-W--Internship in Political Economy   3 SH
Capstone and Major Portfolio
PEC 499A--Capstone I: Readings in Political Economy  3 SH 
PEC 499B--Capstone II: Public Policy Research    3 SH
**Recommended courses for optional Quantitative Track:   
EC 4100--Intermediate Microeconomics   3 SH
MT 360A-- Calculus  3 SH
EC 4120--Econometrics   3 SH 

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