My research focuses on understanding how the nervous system is adversely affected by environmental exposures, particularly to metals. The metal Manganese (Mn) is an essential element, however it can also be a potent neurotoxin. Mn has differential effects on juvenile and adult exposures, posing the important question of how early life exposure may alter neurological development and function throughout the life span. Research projects focus on understanding how Mn, among other environmental exposures, leads to inflammation in the cells in the nervous system and how this could predispose neurological dysfunction.

I would love to mentor students interested in how our environmental health can affect aspects of the nervous system ultimately altering behavioral phenotypes. This mentorship with students could be with hands-on experience in the laboratory or conducting current literature reviews. I enjoy working with both young motivated students early in their collegiate career to seasoned, experience seeking students. She is willing to tailor projects with the student’s personal goals in the forefront to benefit their career development.

Curriculum Vitae