Professional Bio

  • PhD, Environment – Duke University
  • MS, Environmental Engineering – National University
  • BS, Chemistry – Texas A&M University

Research & Scholarship

Dr. Voss’s research focuses on understanding the consequences of human-driven land cover change on the integrity of freshwater ecosystems. He uses aquatic macroinvertebrates, small aquatic organisms that spend most of their lives in freshwater ecosystems, as a focal assemblage to answer three main questions: (1) How does land-cover change (e.g., urbanization, agriculture, and surface mining) alter the biodiversity of freshwater systems (streams, ponds, and lakes)? (2) How does biodiversity loss influence ecosystem energetics in aquatic food webs? and (3) How can quantitative tools that freshwater ecosystem managers use to assess freshwater communities be improved? Dr. Voss has current projects examining the effects of urbanization on freshwater pond ecosystems in Denver, the effect of macroinvertebrates on waterbird communities in the San Luis Valley, and sublethal effects of chemical pollutants on dragonflies.


Voss, K., King, R.S., Bernhardt E.S. 2015. From a line in the sand to a landscape of decisions: A hierarchical diversity decision framework for estimating and communicating biodiversity loss along anthropogenic gradients. Methods in Ecology & Evolution. 6: 795-805.

Bier, R., Voss, K., E. Bernhardt. 2015. Bacterial community responses to a gradient of alkaline mountaintop mine drainage in Central Applachian streams. ISME Journal. 9: 1378-1390.

Voss, K., A. Pohlman, S. Viswanathan, D. Gibson, & J. Purohit. 2012. A study of the effect of physical and chemical stressors on biological integrity within the San Diego Hydrologic Region. Environmental Monitoring & Assessment.184(3):1603-1616.

Viswanathan, S., Voss, K., A. Pohlman, D. Gibson, & J. Purohit. 2010. Evaluation of the biocriteria of streams in the San Diego Hydrologic Region. J. Environ. Eng. 136: 627-637.

Voss, K. & E. Bernhardt. Effect of mountaintop removal coal mining on the diversity and secondary productivity of Appalachian rivers. Submitted June 2016. Currently in revision at Limnology & Oceanography.

Baruch, E., Voss, K., J. Blaszczak, J. Delesantro, E. Bernhardt. Not all pavements lead to a stream: how variation in impervious surface connectivity affects urban stream ecosystems. Submitted July 2016. Currently under review at Freshwater Science.

Awards & Recognition

Grants & Fellowships

2016 Regis University Teaching & Learning with Technology Minigrant
2014 Bass Instructional Fellowship
2012-2015 US EPA STAR Graduate Research Fellowship
2009-2013 James B. Duke Graduate Fellowship