• Nicholas Kallan
  • Nicholas Kallan

    Associate Professor | Organic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry


My doctoral training is in synthetic organic chemistry, and prior to coming to Regis, I worked for nine years as a medicinal chemist in the drug discovery group for a biotech company. My industry experience focused mostly on the discovery of new, small molecule drug candidates for cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. I’m passionate about chemistry teaching and learning, as well as conducting mentored research with undergraduate students.

My teaching experience includes non-major courses, such as chemistry for health sciences, as well as General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Advanced Organic Synthesis courses. I also helped to develop and teach our Senior Chemistry Seminar course, which is a communication-intensive capstone course that integrates aspects of chemistry and social justice. Issues of justice permeate society, especially in science, and I want to cultivate an awareness of these issues with our students.

I also conduct mentored research with undergraduate students. My research interests include the generation of new organic synthesis methodologies, synthesis of molecules for validation of biological targets, and utilization of medicinal chemistry principles to modify structures of biologically active molecules to probe pharmacological effects. To date, I’ve mentored ten research students, most of whom have gone on to graduate or professional school.

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