I started my journey as a Communication scholar early in my college career. As a first-year student I took a public speaking class and at the end of the semester my instructor suggested I join the debate team. I attended my first debate practice and knew I had found my home. With the debate team housed in the communication department I found myself drawn to the discipline and declared my major right away. My undergraduate debate career led to an offer from Colorado State University where I was introduced to the study of rhetoric. I transitioned from Colorado State University to the University of Denver at which I learned the relationship between the study of rhetoric and ethics.

Much of my time at Regis University was spent on running an internationally competitive debate program and working with debate educators in the Szechuan Province in China. Having stepped down as Director of debate, I returned to my primary research interest, faculty speech rights and academic freedom in the Internet age. I also study and write about critical pedagogy and the writings of Paulo Friere, bell hooks, and Henry Giroux.

Curriculum Vitae