Dr. Sci’s research focuses on the intersections of memory, argumentation, affect, and media in texts such as memorials, movies, internet memes, and videogames. The majority of her research has focused on the memorialization of the Columbine High School shooting although she also addresses topics ranging from meme culture on Twitter to the creation of conspiracy theories in the wake of national trauma. In 2012, she won Top Paper in the Argumentation Division at the National Communication Association’s annual conference and her work was chosen for their Top Paper Panel two additional times. Dr. Sci’s work has been featured in the Cultural Studies ↔ Critical Methodologies, Northwestern Journal of Communication and Culture, Theory and Critique as well as in edited volumes such as Michael Moore and the Rhetoric of Documentary, Disturbing Argument, and 100 Greatest Videogame Franchises.

While Dr. Sci does enjoy research, her true passion is teaching. Her classes range from Communication Contexts, Questions, and Theories to Our Networked Lives to The Culture and Politics of Public Memory to Gender, Sexuality, and Communication. Weaving together current news with interdisciplinary theory, Dr. Sci’s class are designed to immerse students in today’s issues in innovative and engaging ways.

Curriculum Vitae