Much of my work in academia marches to the mantra of continuous improvement.

I define myself as a “productive critic,” a term coined by Robert Ivie to mean a scholar who writes to improve the conditions that they find lacking and problematic. My research aims to offer creative solutions, identity alternatives, and pinpoint texts and processes that are successful at addressing injustice. I have a specific interest in disability nonprofit organizations that use their collective voice to promote disability pride, work for rights, and build community. 

I have years of experience teaching organizational communication, nonprofit communication, and small group communication. In these classes, I emphasize the importance of a value-centered workforce. I encourage students to look beneath the shiny surface of corporate branding to see the effect of their tactics (both good and bad) on who and what society should be. As the future leaders of the world, I want students to see their own capacities for reform and change. 

Other courses that I teach include:

Conversation Matters
Disability History, Culture and Contexts
Public Speaking
Interpersonal Communication
Media and Politics
Visual Communication

Curriculum Vitae