Before joining Regis, I was a K-12 Culturally and Linguistically Diverse teacher, mentor teacher, and teacher trainer in the United States and internationally.  In 1998, I was awarded Teacher of the Year for my work with immigrant/refugee students.  In 2003, I joined the Regis faculty as a specialist in culturally and linguistically diverse education. I am an evaluation and assessment specialist and presently serve as the Director of Faculty Assessment at Regis University. I am a trained Mindfulness Teacher and am presently pursuing bilingual/bicultural International Mindfulness Teacher Training.  

My scholarship focuses on the impact of community-based learning on pre-service teachers, and equity issues around the education of immigrant/refugee students. I regularly publish on the “Study Abroad in the Neighborhood” program in which college students are placed with Hispanic immigrant families in the university neighborhood to learn about the language, the culture, and the educational challenges immigrant families face in the U.S.. I am presently investigating the impacts of bilingual/bicultural mindfulness practices on student participation in mindfulness communities.  My textbook, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Exceptional Students: Strategies for Teaching and Assessment (Sage Publications), addresses the instruction of students who are both bilingual and have special needs. 

Curriculum Vitae