Charles C. Igel is Program Coordinator of Elementary Teacher Licensure and Associate Professor of Education in Regis University’s Division of Education.  He directs the Elementary Licensure curriculum, oversees graduate thesis projects, and teaches courses in educational foundations, math pedagogy, and research.  The bulk of Dr. Igel’s scholarship spans two areas: action research and learning theory.  The former focuses on development, testing, and implementation of methods for practical action research from an improvement science orientation, specifically within the areas of problem analysis and short-cycle research.  The latter focuses on the effects and use of instructional techniques to enhance learning and develop executive skills within K-8 populations, specifically within the area of cooperative learning.

Before joining the faculty at Regis University, Dr. Igel worked as Senior Researcher at McREL/IES Regional Educational Laboratory (REL-Central) where he served as educational consultant, methodologist, and principal investigator on a variety of funded projects.  He began his career as an elementary school teacher, a professional identity that informs and tempers his academic work.  Dr. Igel holds a PhD in Education with an emphasis on research methods and applied statistics from the University of Virginia, and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Curriculum Vitae