Scott Dimovitz began teaching writing and literature many years ago at NYU, where he received his PhD. He has taught since 2006 at Regis, where he specializes in modern and postmodern literature, postcolonial literature, psychoanalytic theory, and gender studies. His book, Angela Carter: Surrealist, Psychologist, Moral Pornographer, appeared from Routledge Press in 2016. He is interested in a broad spectrum of 20th and 21st-century British and Anglophone literature and film. His newest book project, (Post)Apocalypse Now! Contemporary Literature at the End of Time, investigates how the traditions of apocalyptic prophecies, millenarian movements, and other modes of End Times speculation figure in contemporary literature. His project focuses on postmodern literatures that interrogate these motifs in ways that reflect the anxieties of postmodernity, but in the self-consciously aware idiom of literary fiction. He examines a broad array of postmodern short stories, novels, and films, with extended analyses of the works of Angela Carter, J. G. Ballard, and David Mitchell, three of the most important writers of this genre.

Curriculum Vitae