Professional Bio


  • M.F.A., Creative Writing, George Mason University
  • B.A., English and journalism (double major), Elon University

I write poetry, fiction, and non-fiction through my perspective as a Southern queer woman. I’m interested in cross-genre, hybrid forms such as the novel in verse and lyric sequence, and I’m constantly seeking new approaches to narrative, character, and the lyric address. Anne Carson and Jack Gilbert are my main contemporary influences; Sappho, Shakespeare, Lucille Clifton, and Elizabeth Bishop make up the main branches of my poetic family tree. My writing engages with feminism, pop culture, space aliens, quantum physics, and most importantly, love. I’m fascinated by how women write love poems to other women, and in my scholarly work, I research the historical lineage of women’s erotic writing and the ways that sincerity is coded, revealed, and intellectualized in these texts.

Select Courses Taught

Advanced Poetry
Advanced Fiction
Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
Nature, Literature, and the Ecological Self
Literature Matters
Digital Writing Lab

Research & Scholarship


  • Mega-City Redux, winner of the Green Mountains Review Poetry Prize, selected by Olena Kalytiak Davis, full-length poetry collection (2017)

  • Super Mario Brothers 3, Boss Fight Books, creative non-fiction book (2016)

  • Copper Mother, Switchback Books, full-length poetry collection (2016)

  • Epithalamia, Horse Less Press, poetry chapbook (2015)

  • Alternates, Dancing Girl Press, poetry chapbook (2014)

  • Annotated Glass, Furniture Press Books, full-length poetry collection (2013)

Select Anthology Publications

  • BARED, Les Figues Press (2016): “[Problems on the road],” “[We are wearing],” “[Waucon, IA],” “[Bottle top riddle],” “[Xena, I know the feeling]”

  • Building Fires in the Snow: An Anthology of Alaskan LGBTQ Short Fiction and Poetry, University of Alaska Press (2016): “Fact-Checking,” “Anchorage Epithalamium,” “Conservation & Rehabilitation,” “The Object Towards Which the Action of the Sea Is Directed,” “Alaska Epithalamium,” and “Sleeping Lady”

  • Writers of the Portuguese Diaspora in the United States and Canada, Boavista Press (2016): “Fazenda” and “The Great Inheritance”

  • Southern Poetry Anthology, Volume V: Georgia, Texas Review Press (2013): “Alice Recalls        Georgia to Jenny”

Select Poetry Publications

  • DIAGRAM (2016): “[Nine o’clock],” “[Hymn: A frat party],” “[Atom Hymn: Just before high school],” “[Dana doesn’t doubt],” “[Atom Hymn: A boy named Patrick],” “[We all imagine it differently]”

  • Alaska Quarterly Review (2015): “Floating Epithalamium”

  • storySouth (2015): “Virginia Epithalamium”

  • Columbia Poetry Review (2015): “I Begin and Begin”

  • The Greensboro Review (2015): “Florida Epithalamium”

  • Denver Quarterly (2014): “Monologue of Then-Jane” and “In which Jane tells Then-Jane the Fate of Their Beloved”

  • Hayden’s Ferry Review (2015): “Jane and Then-Jane speak of their beloved”

  • cream city review (2015): “[Buffy doesn’t care],” “[Xena doesn’t take],” “[For much of the road trip],” “[Yes, I fell in love]”

  • The Journal (2015): “[Buffy’s flashback],” “[Coney Island],” “[Four PBRs in],” “[I had hoped],” “[The hotel room is full],” “[Xena heard Manhattan],” “[So I take the R train]”

  • Front Porch (2014): “Jane records her brainwaves for the 1977 Voyager Golden Record,” “Jane and Then-Jane dance in their bodies”

  • ZYZZYVA, (2014): “Moose Are Over-Running the Park and This Makes Me Think of Love,” “Conservation & Rehabilitation”

  • Painted Bride Quarterly (2014): “Golden Record: World Language Greetings,” “In which Our Friends hike the Long Trail”

  • Caketrain (2014): “Golden Record: Sounds (music of the spheres),” “First Transcription of Our  Friends,” “Golden Record: Outtakes,” “Golden Record: List of Names,”  “Conversation: Future”

  • diode (2014): “The Sleeping Lady,” “The Object Toward Which the Action of the Sea Is    Directed,” “Alaska State Fair”

  • Drunken Boat (2014): “On the Anatomy and Physiology of Our Friends,” “In which we      first explain human sex to Our Friends”

  • Alice Blue Review (2014): “Kiss,” “Sharp & Shiny”

  • H_NGM_N (2014): “[I picture your mother],” “[The day before grocery day],” “[Dana, what I love most],” “[Sunnydale is one thing],” “[Buffy, Xena, Dana Scully, and I],”        “[It’s true],” “[We all watch TV],” “[Dana, I turn to turn]”

  • The Portland Review (2013): “Alice Rides the Gravity Train,” “Alice in Fatherland (Every other Weekend),” “Alice’s Childhood (Winter Carnival)”

  • Gargoyle (2013): “Alice in the First Act,” “Jenny’s House Electrocutes Alice”

  • Bloom (2012): “Alice’s Evidence”

  • Rhino (2012): “Tu Fui Ego Eris”

  • Puerto Del Sol (2012): “Alice at Home,” “Alice Sketches (a space),” “Alice Recalls Her First Meeting with Jenny (Striped sage)”  

  • Birdfeast Magazine (2012): “Alice Considers the Timing,” “Alice Orbits the Moon”

  • Salamander (2011): “Aria I”

  • New Delta Review (2011): “Alice Plays Life-Size Chinese Checkers,” “Alice Pretends to Be a Museum Exhibit Display”

  • The Minnesota Review (2010): “quantum suicide”

Conferences, Panels, and Craft Talks

  • Multiple Feminisms: Celebrating 10 Years of Switchback Books,” AWP (2016)

  • “Locating Love: Place and the Lyric Love Poem” 49 Alaska Writers craft talk, Anchorage AK (2015)

  •  “Authentic Inauthenticity: Reading Elizabeth Bishop Through a Queer Theory Lens,” UAA Pacific Rim Conference (2015)

  • “Creative Writing Hacks for Your Composition Classroom,” UAA Pacific Rim Conference (2015)

  •  “Poetry Remixed: Innovations in Hybrid and Multi-Modal Poetry,” UAA Pacific Rim Conference (2014)

  • “Writing and Publishing Your First Book,” Moderator, The Writer’s Center, Bethesda, MD (2013)

  • “Applying to Artist Residencies,” GMU New Leaves Conference (2013)

  • “Courting the Love Poem: Challenges of Sincerity and Sentimentality,” Moderator & panelist, AWP (2013)

  • “Beyond Classroom Walls: Emphasizing Authentic Audiences to Engage Student Learning,” NVCC Power Up Your Pedagogy Conference (2013)

  •  “Beyond Classroom Walls,” GMU Innovations in Teaching and Learning Conference (2012)

  •  “Three Divas of the D.C. Poetry Scene,” sponsored by the Women’s National Book Association. Busboys and Poets, Washington, D.C. (2012)


Awards & Recognition

Select Awards

  • Green Mountains Review Poetry Book Prize for Mega-City Redux (2016)

  • Faculty Development Committee Travel Grant, Regis University (2017)

  • Faculty Development Committee Small Grant, Regis University (2016)

  • Distinguished Alumni Award, George Mason University College of Humanities and Social Sciences (2016)

  • Alaska Literary Award, Alaska Arts & Culture Foundation (2015)

  • First-Year Student Impact Distinction, University of Alaska Anchorage (2016, 2015, 2014)

  •  “Best of the Net” writing award nomination (2015)

  • Academic Innovations and eLearning Course Development Grant, University of Alaska Anchorage (2015)

  • Pushcart Prize nomination from Front Porch (2014)

  • Alaska State Council on the Arts Career Opportunity Grant (2014)

  • Research Travel Grant, University of Alaska Anchorage (2014)

  • Velvet Park Top 25 Queer Women of 2014

  • Outstanding Graduate Student, George Mason University College of Humanities and Social Sciences (2012)

  • Outstanding Teaching Mentor, George Mason University College of Humanities and Social Sciences (2012)

  • Center for Book Arts Chapbook Contest Finalist (2012)

  • Lumina Poetry Contest Finalist (2011)

  • Concrete Wolf Chapbook Series First Runner-Up (2011)

  • Summa Cum Laude, Elon University (2009)

  • William R. Kenan, Jr. full-tuition scholarship, Elon University (2005)

Artist Residencies

  • Big Cypress National Park, 2015

  • Millay Colony, 2014

  • New York Mills Arts Retreat, 2014

  • Vermont Studio Center, 2012