I marvel at the way that literature diverges from our reality and brings it vividly to our awareness. While some consider it an escape, it is for me an immersion into the very circumstances that delight and confound and inspire us. I relish the intimacy of immersion into lives and situations in texts, and the intimacy of exploring these in community. My focus on Ecocriticism—on the myriad, complex ways that human beings influence and are influenced by environments of all kinds—informs my interrogation of literary texts as well as my approach to the community of a classroom. Writers as varied as Henry David Thoreau and Leslie Marmon Silko call our attention to the real conditions of our being in the world and our responsibilities to all who inhabit it. My current study of works of the US Southwest interrogates the objectives at which various communities have aimed in their relations to landscapes that for some represent home, for others proving grounds, or territories in which to find or reinvent themselves. Investigating works by a diverse group of authors illustrates that what we find in the world, or in a text, often reveals the nature of our vision.

Curriculum Vitae