Professional Bio


  • Ph.D., English, New York University
  • M.A., English, New York University
  • B.A., English - Cum Laude & with Distinction, Yale University

I am passionate about 20th and 21st century American literature, especially multicultural literatures. Faulkner is my forever favorite, but I also love Morrison, Nabokov, Alexie, DeLillo, O’Connor, Kingston, and Erdrich. My other interests include race and gender studies and literary theory.

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Select Courses Taught

Multicultural Literature
Contemporary American Literature
Race and Gender in American Culture
Ellison & Morrison
Freaks and Geeks
Literature of the Atomic Age
Literary Theory

Research & Scholarship

Select Publications

“‘A New Type of Human Being’: Gender, Sexuality, and Ethnicity as Perpetual Passing in Jeffrey Eugenides’s Middlesex.” Passing While “Post-Racial”: Performance and Identity Production in Neo-Passing Narratives. Ed. Mollie Godfrey. U of Ill Press. Forthcoming.

“‘Just Say Yes’: Queer Theatrical Portrayals of AIDS and the Rejection of Safer Sex.” The Apollonian: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, vol. 2, no. 3, Dec. 2015, pp. 84-102.

Selected for republication in Reading the Queer in Literature, Culture and Theory.

“‘At Least This is an Actual Place’: The Places and Displacements of Freedom.” “Elsewheres,” spec. issue of JMMLA, vol. 48, no. 1, Spring 2015, pp. 67-95.

“‘A Stronger Loving World’?: Destruction, Compassion, and Megalomaniacs in Alan Moore’s Watchmen.” Faces of the Apocalypse: Change and Adaptability at the End. Interdisciplinary Press. 2015.

“Who’s Pro-creating Now?: Two Sides of Parenting in the Academe.” With Dr. Scott Dimovitz. The Road to Tenure: Interviews, Rejections, and other Humorous Experiences, ed. Erin Marie Furtak & Ian Renga. Rowman & Littlefield. 2014.

"The Apocalypse is Here, Again: Moral Ambiguities and Human Failings in Watchmen." A Critical Approach to the Apocalypse, ed. Alexandra Simon-Lopéz and Heidi Yeandle. Interdisciplinary Press, 2013.

“Another ‘Atheist’s Bible’: Knowledge defeats Hocus Pocus.” Critical Insights: Kurt Vonnegut, ed. Robert J. Tally. Salem Press, 2013.

“Sherman Alexie and Popular Culture: Magic in the Mix.” American Indians and Popular Culture, ed. Elizabeth Delaney Hoffman, 2011.

"Wittman's Transitions: Multivocality and Play in Tripmaster Monkey." MELUS 30.3, 2005.            

"‘One Spoke for All’: Unity, Individualism, and Faulkner's Voices that Just Won't be Ignored." Southern Studies 12.1, 2005.

"Lone Monkey to Family Man: Evolving Inclusion in Tripmaster Monkey." Connotations 12.2-3, 2003.
Followed by a response letter from Maxine Hong Kingston in Connotations 13.1-2, 2003.


The Apocalypse is Here, Again: Moral Ambiguities and Human Failings in Watchmen,” Oxford University, Oxford. Summer 2013.

“Ambivalent Mothering and Matriarchies in Louise Erdrich's Love Medicine ." RMMLA, Boulder. Fall 2012.

“Boom Time for English? How a Small Liberal Arts Department Doubled its Number of Majors in Three Years.” Panel discussion, RMMLA, Boulder. Fall 2012.

“Teaching Watchmen: Translating the Graphic Novel into English (Lit),” Rocky Mountain Comics Convention, Denver. Summer 2012.

“Freedom in (and from) a Remodeled Victorian: Franzen’s Neo-Suburbia,” Peripheral Visions: Suburbs Representation and Innovation, Kingston University, England. Summer 2011.

“‘Reservation of My Mind’: The Problematic Potential of Sherman Alexie’s Protected Spaces,” Sites of Citizenship Conference, King’s College, London. Summer 2011.

“Electrifying Grading,” Fall Faculty Conference on Technologies and Teaching, Regis University, Denver. Fall 2010.

“Sherman Laughs (and Cries) with You.” American Literature Association, MELUS panel: Ethnicity and Humor, San Francisco. Spring 2010.

"Is Vanity Fair?: Teaching Lolita as 'The Only Convincing Love Story of our Century.'"  American  Literature Association Conference, San Francisco. Spring 2004.

Awards & Recognition

Awards & Recognition

  • FDC Travel/Convention Grant Award, Regis University, 2006-2011
  • SPARC Project Funds Research Grant, Regis University, 2006    
    Funding for Remains of the Dead, a project examining our notions of corporeality, through corpses. I consider how medical textbooks, archived photographs, and museum specimens have transformed our ideas about death and the human condition. This work-in-progress is intended to evolve into a team-taught course between English and Biology.
  • Faculty Development Committee Research Grant, Regis University, 2006
  • Golden Dozen Outstanding Teaching Award (all faculty, university-wide), New York University, 2003
  • Lind Dissertation Fellowship, New York University. 2002
  • Henry M. MacCracken Fellowship, New York Univesity, 1998-2003
  • Full tuition, with stipend and teaching component.
  • Cum Laude with Distinction in the English Major, Yale University, 1998