• Michael Ghedotti
  • Michael Ghedotti


    Organismic Biology, Human and Comparative Anatomy, Evolution, Aquatic and Fisheries Ecology, Seminar in Biology, Society, and Ethics

    Regis College


Mike Ghedotti is an ichthyologist, marine biologist, natural historian, and collegiate educator. He teaches courses in General Biology, Anatomy, Marine Biology, Evolution, and Ecology in the Regis College undergraduate program and in the M.S. in Environmental Biology program. He also is interested in the scholarship of teaching and has published on collegiate science teaching in anatomy. In the context of the M.S. in Environmental Biology program he works with students on research projects focused on fishes, crayfishes, and plants in Colorado and New Mexico. His core scholarly research interests in Biology focus on the anatomy, evolution, and diversity of fishes. His most recent academic work focuses on using histological techniques in combination with other sources of data to explore the evolution of specializations associated with living in the deep ocean, especially bioluminescent organ anatomy. His recent bioluminescent-organ anatomy studies were published in Journal of Morphology and Journal of Fish Biology and involved Regis-undergraduate student co-authors. He particularly enjoys involving students in his research, to whom he can offer career-enhancing experiences in marine biology, evolutionary biology, ecology, and/or anatomy that can benefit students with interests ranging from the environmental to the biomedical.

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