Since my undergraduate studies at Colorado College, I have been convinced that Liberal Arts education is key to a meaningful as well as a productive life. Since my time in the Defense Department in D.C., I have known that international relations is central to our earthly future. Since I came to Regis, both views have been infused with the priorities of Jesuit education.

After getting my PhD in International Studies, my research and writing initially focused on national and international security problems. By the 1980s, I was convinced that elements of political economy were crucial to understanding both historical and contemporary developments. Since the mid-1990s, it has been increasingly evident that environmental problems impact politics, economics, and security in ways that must be acknowledged and addressed in public policy. 

This evolution of professional focus and activity has been incorporated in the undergraduate courses I have taught at Regis. My courses in international politics, political philosophy, political economy, comparative public and foreign policy, and environmental security have always emphasized critical thinking, competent communication, and reflection about the values underlying individual and public policy choices.

Curriculum Vitae