Professional Bio

My greatest passion is for working directly with my students, teaching and learning mathematics. Regis University is a special place, primarily due to the many amazing students that I’ve had the honor of working with over the last two decades. Their breadth of interests and experiences inspires me, and I love how much I’ve learned from them along the way. Teaching Mathematics at Regis has given me the opportunity to teach every class in the Mathematics curriculum, and even to develop new classes in Cryptography and Financial Mathematics. The small class sizes allow me to really get to know my students.  Regis also encourages me to work with students individually on Honors Theses or other individual research projects. Starting from my narrow expertise in Algebraic Geometry (specifically, the dimension of linear systems of curves in the projective plane), I have been able to explore with students topics as diverse as the chemistry of organic photovoltaics, face recognition algorithms, quantum computing resistant cryptography, and the design and implementation of educational video games. It is a real joy to watch students grow and go on to succeed, and to know that I’ve had some small part in helping them.

Curriculum Vitae