Dr. Adkins’ research includes work on gossip as a epistemic concept, feminist theory, philosophy of the emotions, and social philosophy. She’s published a book (Gossip, Power, Epistemology: Knowledge Underground [Palgrave 2017]), book chapters, and articles in journals including Hypatia, Social Epistemology, Teaching Philosophy, and Philosophy in the Contemporary World. She enjoys an active publishing and presenting schedule, including appearances in the media (New York Times T Magazine), and popular presentations of her research.

Dr. Adkins is at Regis because she is committed to the value of teaching and mentoring undergraduates; she teaches introductory and major courses in philosophy (including feminist theory, political philosophy, 19th and 20th century philosophy), as well as first-year writing courses, and integrative core courses in the justice and meaning categories. She particularly values teaching in the En Route program, which integrates yearlong service work for first-year students with their writing and philosophy education.

Dr. Adkins takes the Jesuit values of Regis seriously; she participates in community service (serving as a Reading Buddy at two schools), serves as a faculty mentor, participates actively on College and University committees, and serves the profession by reviewing articles and judging the book award for NASSP.

Curriculum Vitae