• Gosselin, Abigail
  • Abigail Gosselin

    Professor and Department Chair

    Social and Political Philosophy; Feminist Philosophy; Global Justice; Philosophy of Psychiatry

    Regis College


I began my academic career interested in questions of responsibility, which led me to write my monograph, Global Poverty and Individual Responsibility (Lexington, 2009), based on my doctoral dissertation. Over the past decade I have developed interests in many areas of social philosophy and have published over a dozen of articles in ethics, social philosophy, social epistemology, feminist philosophy, and human rights. Recent publications include “’Clinician Knows Best’?: Injustices in the Medicalization of Mental Illness,” Feminist Studies Quarterly 5:2 (June 2019); “Philosophizing from Experience: First-Person Accounts and Epistemic Justice,” The Journal of Social Philosophy 50:1 (Spring 2019), 45-68; “Mental Illness Stigma and Epistemic Credibility” Social Philosophy Today 34 (2018), 77-94; “Global Gender Injustice and Mental Disorders,” in Global Gender Justice, Ed. Alison M. Jaggar (Polity Press, 2014), 100-114; “Addiction Narratives: Background Assumptions and Policy Implications,” Social Philosophy Today, 28 (2012), 47-66; and “Cultivating Discernment,” Jesuit Higher Education: A Journal, 1: (2012), 16-30. My current work examines how we can address mental illness stigma and increase agency in people who have severe mental illness.

Curriculum Vitae