In her teaching, Dr. Mukherji emphasizes the importance of examining the things in our lives and our world that we take to be obvious. She aims to help her students see the world around them as infinitely complex and wondrous, and that by using our imagination combined with our rationality, we can gain greater access to its secrets. Using her background in teaching writing, she also teaches her students how to articulate, examine, and share their wonder. Dr. Mukherji works primarily in political philosophy and ethics, and her current research focuses on the effects of poverty on autonomy, and issues of moral responsibility in relation to global poverty. She is also currently working on the question of what it means to have a right to one's body, and what kind of obligations arise from that right. She has recently presented her work on autonomy and moral obligations in conferences in Boston, El Paso, Manchester, and Dublin. Dr. Mukherji received her Ph.D. in Philosophy from Boston University in 2018, and has since switched allegiance from Boston-based sports teams to Denver-based sports teams. Her allegiance to these teams is fickle.

Curriculum Vitae