Tour Guide | Class of 2017


Name: Gabby Ocaña

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Year in School: Senior

Academic Program: Double Major Socioloy and Criminology, Minor in Spanish

Favorite class at Regis: RCC400M The Meaningful Athlete

Why I chose Regis: I chose Regis they cared about more than just my grades and my SAT scores, they cared about who I was as an individual and everything I brought to the table and how I would excel in the Regis community. I also loved the small community—coming from a private Catholic high school, I really desired the one on one attention and personal relationships I get to establish with my teachers and advisors.

What I love most about Regis is: What I love most about Regis is the small community and how included you feel when you’re on campus. The fact that I can walk to my classes at any time of the day and be able to say hello to at least three friendly faces is important to me. Inclusion and diversity are constantly promoted.