Leading by Example

Regis University's cabinet is comprised of students who live out our Jesuit values and have been elected by their peers to take office. 

The RUSGA Executive Cabinet is one of three arms of undergraduate student governance at Regis University. Led by three popularly elected officials – Student Body President, Vice President and Chief Justice – and managing a budget of half a million dollars, the Executive Cabinet is responsible for student initiatives, programming traditions, and activities that build a strong sense of community within the student body. Representing the student voice to the Board of Trustees and through monthly meetings with President Fr. Fitzgibbons, faculty and the Dean of Students, RUSGA is a strong advocate for Regis students.

Student Body President- John Casillas

Student Body President John Paul Casillas is a senior pursuing a double major in Political Studies and Spanish Language with a minor in Pre-Law. After graduation, he hopes to get a Juris Doctor degree and practice Law in Colorado before moving on to public policy. John is a first generation Mexican student who is paving the way for two younger siblings with the support and encouragement from his parents. As Student Body President, John will focus on building a strong relationship between the administration and the greater student body in addition to oversee the Student Executive Cabinet. 

Over the next year, John’s goal is to improve school spirit and harbor collaboration between various groups on campus. One of his priorities is to act as an advocate for the student body in order to ensure every student’s voice is heard and represented. With the help of John’s Student Executive Cabinet, RUSGA will constantly strive for and support innovative and impactful ideas in order to build a campus that every Ranger is proud to be a part of. His goal is to empower everyone on campus to become an active participant within Regis and the greater community, to push every student to become a Ranger for Change.

Email: rusgaprs@regis.edu

Student Body Vice President- Nick Stofa

Nick Stofa is a senior at Regis University from Parker, Colorado. He graduated from Regis Jesuit High School in Aurora, Colorado. Nick studies Politics with a minor in Pre-Law and plans to attend law school upon graduating from Regis. During his time at Regis University, Nick has worked in the Office of Diversity, Residence Life, and Student Activities as a member of the Ranger Week Committee. He has also served as the president of the pre-law club on campus, as well as volunteered his time as a Peer Writing Mentor in the Regis College Core Class programs. In his free time, Nick enjoys video games, hiking, reading, and golfing. As Vice-President, Nick hopes to encourage everyone to utilize the tools and resources of the Regis University Student Government to effectively enact changes that are pertinent to student desires. The most effective of these tools is the Student Body Senate, of which anybody is allowed to attend to discuss bills and appropriations that directly affect the lives of students on campus.

Email: rusgavp@regis.edu

Student Body Chief Justice- Claire Swann

Claire Swann is a senior at Regis University from San Jose, California. She is double-majoring in English and Peace & Justice with the intention of attending law school after graduation. In the duration of her college career, Claire has completed two legal internships at a Family Law firm back in California.

During her time at Regis, Claire has worked with Student Activities, specifically with Walker’s Pub and the Best of Colorado program. She has also previously served on the Student Judicial Board as an Associate Justice and Vice-Chief. As a social justice advocate, Claire has explored many different volunteer opportunities in the Denver area, including volunteering at organizations such as Growing Home, Habitat for Humanity, and Community Educational Outreach.

As Student Body Chief Justice, Claire appoints and oversees the Student Judicial Board, which is the primary hearing body for violations of the Code of Conduct as outlined in the Regis University Student Handbook. As Chief Justice, Claire’s goal is to decrease animosity between Regis University and its students by providing students with an option of campus involvement in atonement for violations of the Student Handbook. She also plans on conducting Mock Trials through the Student Judicial Board and Pre-Law students. After her time at Regis, Claire plans on attending law school in efforts to become a Family Law Attorney, specializing in domestic violence and father’s rights.

Email: rusgacj@regis.edu

Director of Social Justice and Spirituality- Crystal Ayala

Crystal is a senior at Regis who is double-majoring in psychology and Spanish. Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, she carries the love for her city and her enthusiasm for those in it at the forefront of her work. Her passions lie within creating and maintaining spaces in which individuals on the margins can reach their fullest potential, not only within the university, but in the greater Denver community as well. For her, it is not enough to teach about social injustices, or talk about them within the context of our Jesuit values; we must take action and make our values manifest. And this means looking inward, then outward. Let’s get to work!
Email: Rusgasjs@regis.edu

Director of Sustainability- Jackson Rodriguez

Jackson is a senior and is majoring in Psychology and English. As the Director of Sustainability, Jackson hopes to continue the great work RUSGA has started in the past with Composting, Recycling, and Trust the Tap Initiative. Jackson also aspires to start new programs that would greatly increase the sustainability of the university and help our university live out the mission more fully. Please reach out to Jackson with questions or ideas for collaboration.

Email: Rusgasus@regis.edu

Director of Health Awareness- Morgan Nicholl-Lewandowski

Morgan is a junior exploring molecular biology with an endless love of learning and high aspirations that include making a meaningful impact in the world of healthcare. Through conversation, collaboration and special consideration toward increasingly relevant issues on college campuses, Morgan and her committee members ultimately work toward sustaining the Jesuit value of cura personalis, (care for the whole person) as a leading priority on our campus among faculty, staff and students alike. Effective education is key to efficient change, so working with different departments, student organizations, and divisions of Regis’ Rueckert-Hartman College of Health Professions on this year’s events and campaigns is an endeavor that HAC will incorporate in order to exceed these goals. If you aim to make a positive difference in the overall health of Regis University this year, do not hesitate to reach out and get involved.
Email: Rusgahac@regis.edu

Director of Marketing and Media- Katelyn Esparza

Katelyn Esparza is a senior at Regis and is majoring in communication with an emphasis in Neuromarketing. As the Director of Marketing and Media, Katelyn is responsible for promoting campus happenings through multiple outlets and branding RUSGA as a whole. As director, Katelyn plans to transform the way RUSGA markets to students, by creating a more personalized approach. Her goal is to improve the sense of community on campus while increasing event attendance and ensuring that the gap between elected RUSGA officials and the general student population is closed.

Email: Rusgadoc@regis.edu

Director of Programming and Activities- Tyler Baker

Tyler is a senior majoring in Politics, with a minor in Pre Law. She is aspiring to go off to Law School and obtain her Juris Doctorate. As Director of Programming Activities, Tyler is responsible for planning the weekly Thursday Thrills, as well as planning and running Ranger Week and Day in the spring. PAC is here to engage students with fun and engaging activities, to strengthen community within the student body. PAC also strives to help relieve the stress that college students endure as well as bringing attention to other clubs and committees through Thursday Thrills.

Email: Rusgapac@regis.edu

Director of Campus Relations- Nina Krizman

Nina is a senior who is nervous about the impending entry into the real world, but is excited to serve the Regis community one last time. As Director of Campus Relations she will strive to build bridges between students, faculty and staff, and the administration of Regis University. She hopes to allow students to feel heard by the university, and to see plans become actions. She will focus on collaboration between fellow RUSGA directors and student leaders to create a campus that is representative of, and serves the needs of all of its students.

Email: Rusgacr@regis.edu

Director of Multicultural Affairs- Alex Arora

Alex is a senior working towards a major in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. He is currently working on a thesis for the Honors program, focusing on the relationship between tattooing and the ability to cope with negative or traumatic events in human life. Following his time at Regis University, Alex plans to attend law school and attain a JD. As the Director of Multicultural Affairs, Alex plans to help students create the campus they want to live and grow in. Through conversations, shared events, and cooperative initiatives, the concept of diversity will be widened and reshaped on campus in such a way that all viewpoints and experiences can coexist and enhance one another. As director, Alex wants to find new ways to let students speak for themselves and represent themselves in whatever form they choose. If you have ideas or requests, please feel free to reach out!

Email: Rusgamac@regis.edu

Director of Finance- Chris Miller

Chris Miller is a senior, double majoring in accounting and business administration with a triple emphasis in finance, marketing and general business.  In his future financial career, he aspires to be the CFO for a Fortune 500 company. As the first Director of Finance in almost a decade, Chris will be responsible for defining the role of the Director of Finance and to make it sustainable for the future of the student body.

Director of Student Involvement- Sean Luna

Sean is a senior majoring in Politics, with a minor in Pre-Law. He is aspiring to go off to Law School and obtain his JD. As Director of Student Involvement, Sean is responsible for planning spirit-boosting activities for the Regis community, as well as planning and running Snow Week in the fall, Ranger Week and Day in the spring. SIC is here to engage students with fun and engaging spirit-boosting activities, to strengthen community within the student body. As director, Sean wants to find new ways to let bring all of the student body together from Seniors to Freshman and those who may live off campus.

Director of Community Involvement- Meredith Cooke

Meredith is a senior majoring in English and Communications. As the Director of Community Involvement, Meredith hopes to build upon the work set up in previous years to better the lives of Regis University neighbors. Particularly, she hopes to focus on food stability, as well as access to childcare in order to strengthen families and provide some of the resources necessary for people to thrive. Meredith also is working to start new programs that would leave a lasting legacy of service on and around campus, so please reach out if you have any ideas, or are looking for ways to increase your own community involvement! 

Email: Rusgacic@regis.edu